Monday, 13 September 2010

Banana Events

Aaaaaahhhhh Knightsbridge...where even the air you breathe feels slightly expensive...more privileged...and everyone looks like they're a celebrity of some sorts; and that's exactly where I was last Thursday night for Jamiroqui's exclusive showcase of new material heralding the release of his new album "Rock Dust Light Star".

Amidst the very plush surroundings of the Mandarine Hotel, which seemed to have been sieged  by Jay Kay's invisible army of minions - highly imagined scenario by the way - but judging by the immediately recognizable Jay Kay memorabilia scattered about the place from the flags above the main entrance to the huge silhouette transfers on the mirrors once inside, you couldn't escape the "industry event" feel oozing from every corner of the building.

And with invite only events comes the amazing catering - in this case mainly posh takes on classics such as fish and chips and bacon and cheese sandwiches, they were pretty tasty -   and the two words  that were to be my downfall on the evening: free bar!!! I got totally seduced by the "high society" feel of the proceedings and wanting to capitalize on the opportunity I went a bit hyper on the ol' drinky poos forgetting one crucial detail about myself, that I am one big lightweight and my stomach lining wasn't quite prepared for what I was about to do to it.

Anywhoo it was pretty amazing though to be standing so close to the man who back in 1996 fascinated me with his video for Virtual Insanity and how different back then, as a kid growing up in a different country,I would've never imagined one day to actually see the guy and in such an intimate setting as well. I was pretty chuffed to be quite honest.

I knew his band would be amazing and they didn't disappoint, everyone was on form including the man himself although he did make a point out of not being 22 anymore - presumably struggling a bit, he did seem to perspire a lot throughout the short set - but it sounded good, a nice mix of the trademark funk peppered with a lot of synths, a more mature, grown up sound that seems an organic transition and not at all contrived. With the exception of the opener "Love Fool" all the songs were totally new to me but I found myself constantly tapping my feet and doing something strange with my hands and if only they had played for a little while longer I would've left the venue feeling totally fulfilled. But maybe that was the whole point of the evening: give them a little bit, showcase the best stuff so that they leave wanting more...nice bit of psychology for you there.

And once it became clear that after the swift set there won't be any encores we hung around for "one more for the road" and left into the night heading towards some dingy place in East London knowing that that's where we belonged really, to witness a raucous set by French Horne Rebellion. As we left the Mandarine Hotel though we spotted one certain miss Pixie Lott together with a "mystery man" heading inside and were pleasantly surprised the next day to discover a completely made up story in The Sun talking about how she danced "in the wings throughout Jamiroquai's entire set"....oh no no no that is one big fat lie...

Verdict of the night though: good food, good wine, good music....GOOD TIMES!

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