Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Banana Loves...

It's been a while since I found an illustrator with the same arresting power as this lady, Caroline Andrieu. Her fashion drawings are so elegantly dark and edgy whilst her simpler, more basic sketchy work still holds the precision which I'm guessing played some part in her becoming art director for Conde Nast digital's department for Vogue and GQ. Looking at her stuff makes me wish I could draw like that, it really does and part of me still thinks that if only I would practice more I could...might....just maybe...possibly come somewhere close to...but the most exciting bit about this lady is that it seems I may have found a kindred spirit. Whilst perusing some of her associated websites I stumbled upon her Blog which displays, in my mind anyway, a certain fascination with one of my favourite ladies ever. That and the actual drawing of lady in question made me think that maybe just maybe there is someone else out there with the same "keen interest" in anything to do with Moloko/Roisin Murphy. "Do you like my tight sweater?" were of course the famous words which have gone down in history as effectively the moment Moloko as we know it was born and serves from what I can see, as a sort of Blog mantra for Caroline. Her Roisin Murphy drawing is pretty special too summing the fashion forward conscience and unique presence of this enigmatic chanteuse and if I haven't mentioned already one of my favourite ever!!!

The official website is a bit frugal as far as examples of her work  go but her blog is heaving with the stuff so  if you want to see more amazing drawings visit the link below.

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