Monday, 6 September 2010

Banana Rates

Barry Munday

To be fair I had seen this trailer a while ago but I'm currently struggling for content like a little bastard so I thought I'd fill the gap with a humorous trailer. The thing is though, I am absolutely positivo I am going to love this film simply because I love this kind of comedy and I love Patrick Wilson...well when I say I love him what I mean is I loved him in Little Children (excellent movie in my opinion) and whatever other bits I may have seen him act in which I can't really name right now, would've never pictured him as a comedic actor but his timing seems perfect in this and his laughter is absolutely amazing, I love hearing great laughs...don't worry about it I'm pretty sure it's a conventional trait and other people will have it too.

Anyway this film looks great and Christopher McDonald is in it too which means everybody wins really.

Check it out.

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