Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Banana Reads

I had recently started on the second novel by Sadie Jones titled Small Wars, having been extremely impressed by her debut novel The Outsider a book which struck more than one chord with me and which , whilst reading it, I could easily picture being turned into a movie. I honestly won't be surprised if it does one day. It took me a while to get into The Outsider and once in I was totally hooked but I just found that Small Wars was not ready for me at all....or maybe I for it. So I decided to put it aside for now since I have had this sort of experience before - I had two false starts with The Time Traveler's Wife which ended up being one of my favourite books ever - and look for something else to immerse myself into. The local Oxfam is great for books and I managed to pick this one up for £1.99 one random sunny Saturday.

The Piano Teacher is instantly readable and manages to pull you in from the first couple of pages. I really like it and since it was marketed as the new Atonement - again, another one of my favourites - I was too curious not to pick it up. So far it seems to be about an illicit love story between a married piano teacher Claire and the driver to the family she works for, mysterious Will, a man with what it's shaping out to be quite a past. The story jumps back and forth between 1940s and 1950s Hong Kong depicting in great detail what life was like pre, during and I assume at this point, post war for the expat community and I really look forward to seeing how the story ultimately unravels. I love war movies in general and with this book it's like witnessing one such story but one that you ultimately have to imagine for yourself based on the words in front of you which I think it's more fun anyway. :)

I like books.

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