Sunday, 26 September 2010

Banana Reads

The Savage Garden by Mark Mills

I started this book just a few days ago after finishing The Piano Teacher which was ok really, a solidly constructed book but it left wishing it had left a deeper impression on me, I really wanted it to, especially for a book billed as the new Atonement I can honestly say it doesn't come anywhere near it, but I'm on to the next book now and I genuinely have high expectations of this one since it's an author I have read before.

The Whaleboat House was a captivating read and I have a feeling this one is the same. A tale of  a mysterious garden set against the backdrop of 1950s Tuscany. I have already been immersed into the atmosphere of an Italian summer and I'm starting to day dream of spending a whole summer in Tuscany myself doing I don't know what but to be in that wonderful landcape, the mountains and the castle and the heat of the summer....

Oh I tell you I want to do it so badly. The cold frosty weather has officially descended upon London and I have a feeling this winter is going to be a long and miserable one. I worry I might not make it. Plenty of books like this to provide some form of escapism and I look forward to uncovering the mysteries within this one.

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