Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dream House

So I've recently upped my praying quota to include a morning as well as the usual evening routine, perhaps I'll throw in some lunch time quickies when I have the time, all in the hope to one day win Euromillions and be able to buy myself a little house complete with all the chic/arty/cute/quirky accessories  and random objects and trinkets scattered about the place in an "effortless" fashion of course which would subtly suggest to any random visitor that hey I'm quite an arty person myself and can appreciate the  nice things in life...anywhoo I really do like this place, I downloaded these images a while ago so can't actually remember who it belongs to but I do recall the article being about some fashion designer duo...something along those lines anyway.

There are some nice details in there to be fair, my favourite being the big, oddly shaped fuchsia chair and that massive mirror which looks like an antique one to me, nicely positioned above the fireplace. The shelves are cleverly built into the wall which results in a visually appealing structure. The wooden floor, again, I've always been a massive fan of that and my dream would be to one day have my very own but what I really like about this place is the nice mix of vintage furniture pieces with modern accessories and just generally the witty combination of collected objects giving the whole place an air of quirky and cool and sending the clear message that this is no ordinary place either.

So please please please God can I win the Euromillions this week so I could have my very own exquisite home. I reckon this should work...

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