Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaack

Ooooooooooh after a good few months wondering aimlessly in cyber space and not only...I've decided to come back and reclaim my spot as fellow blogger - I like to feel part of a community you see even if it's just a virtual one - so here I am.

Amongst the very few memorable experiences this summer has had to offer me I think my favourites would be Turkish holiday with limitless everything and I'm talking literally everything on tap,  school reunion with long lost pals, reading a few booky wooks, finally catching Inception at a cinema near me and promising myself I'd go to see it again although that hasn't happened yet, watching My Night with Maud on a random evening in Soho, seeing Housse de Rocket at The Lexington and dealing with a massive iPhone fail in the aftermath in the form of having mistakenly covered the microphone bit with my fat fingers thus rendering most of my last recording, the massive Synthetiseur (best tune ever which sounded epic live btw) - the only bit I had wanted to keep watching over and over again -, to an absolute disaster, proper wedding/school play ruined moment with just the footage and no sound....aaaaaarrrrgh very frustrating...back to my halcyon days' adventures though, oh yes, experiencing the Borough Market for the first time ever, having a glass of wine one time and waking up the next day with the biggest headache EVER - fact- ,  indulging in a bit of bank holiday shopping spree, reunion with former Topshop buddy - that was nice - and erm that's about it really...once again too many things I didn't get around to doing that will inevitably end up on the  "must do next summer " list which will probably have the same sad outcome...but we can still hope can't we....for now though, it's good to be back.

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  1. Welcome back Oana Banana! I've missed you....

    Daily musings from now on please!