Monday, 6 September 2010

Kramer vs Kramer

I finally managed to see this movie properly from start to finish. I had been aware of the premise of the story throughout the years but I had never sat down for an actual complete viewing before last weekend and all I could think of was wow....just wow. What a great story, so many different layers and such great acting all around. Seeing the little documentary afterward as well, about the making of this movie and how it came to be the film that it was and still is, was absolutely amazing and quite moving in places. Whenever I watch stuff like this it always makes me think gosh I wish I was part of it or how amazing it must have been to be there to be part of the crew...70s films have a certain quality that films nowadays just simply don't have and I think it's deeper than technology advancements, budgets and what have's down to what it was like to be alive then. A certain innocence, things were much simpler somehow but the same existential issues apply; relationships happen, the happiness, kids, the fallout, divorce, then sadness, life goes on. Somehow it all seems more real when it's told so simply and I think that why I love movies that have this kind of retro feel, they look like they could be from those times and those are the stories that inevitably stay with me the longest.

Kramer vs Kramer is another little window for me to a time which I'll never experience except through watching the movies that would've come out at that time. I wish I had been alive then. Would young people twenty years from now feel the same way about this era? About the movies that are coming out now? Hhhmmmmmm watching Meryl Streep on screen back in those days it's just amazing and so easy to see how she became the living legend that she is. Never mind the fact that her face is simply perfection, the most beautiful screen presence I've ever seen. Literally couldn't take my eyes off her and she's not even in it for that long...but then the acting...the emotional turmoil of a mother who thought she was doing the best thing for her son and who now decides to come back. Powerful stuff I tell thee. Not to mention the screen time that Dustin Hoffman and Justin Henry - who's performance is considered one of the best child performances of all time - share. Heartbreaking but such truthfulness to each of the performances that it really is no wonder both got nominated for an Oscar. In fact the three main characters and the main supporting actress were all nominated for the honour with Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman both walking away with the statue - director Robert Benton also picked up an Oscar for this - so it really is a testament to what this movie achieved as well as the mark it left on people at the time. And it continues to do so.

In all honesty I was so impressed and marked by not only the simplicity of the story but how well it was executed and brought to life through the actors and everyone involved in the making of this movie. A true classic and one I'll go on about for a while.

And now back to my Lovefilm subscription and add some more 70s classics.

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