Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Banana Rates...

Marketed as the next big thing in pop and about to explode on to the scene apparently, say hello to the newest pop songstress Jade Williams aka Sunday Girl mixing the breezy vocals and electro beats any East London social butterfly would dream of creating in between writing their fashion blog you know and working on their first feature film, like an art house French film noir....oh I like to be sarcastic. I am close though this pretty young thing is responsible for all her artwork, she styles herself for her music videos, creates her stage set, gets her boyfriend to cut her hair....aaaaand she also has a blog where she talks about all these things. Extremely relevant for these self consuming times though no?!

This is a cover of a famous 80s song which if you don't recognize the minute she starts singing it there's definitely something massively wrong with you and therefore you're not relevant to my world.  The beat is reminiscent of Roisin Murphy's Overpowered but it's the breezy vocals that really do it for me, melancholic, almost Ellie Goulding-esque and I quite like her take on this absolute disco classic , something different ya know?! Her first single Four Floors is also pretty spesh.

Sunday Girl - Self Control- Promo from Elisha Smith-Leverock on Vimeo.

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