Wednesday, 6 October 2010

LISSIE/Everywhere I Go

 Another lady singer another video this time for current favourite songwriter chanteuse thingy  of mine, Lissie.

Powerful song and quite an interesting video...I wonder how that was pitched " okay well I was thinking we could have Lissie being shot as she walks in all these different environments, outdoors preferably for added dramatic effect and ehm I was thinking we should have this elephant following her along as well...yeah guys what do you think, it will totally help sell the record!?" Presumably the elephant represents some sort of metaphor, a symbol of this young lady's spirit feeling the weight of the world on its shoulders, some underlying angst/frustration of not being able to handle things as well as she would like to, a fear of failing, self doubt....I realize this is coming across quite sarcastic but I am  genuinely thinking it, why else would you have a random elephant in the frame? hhhhhmmmm and if that's truly the case then I must have about ten of those fuckers on me right now.



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