Monday, 18 October 2010

On My Travels...

 I clearly should get out more that's for certain...otherwise how else could I explain my recent experience at Liberty in London's magnificent Carnaby Street when I was reduced to a blubbering confused mess as I made my way through the lush Christmas shop section. 
I was all intent to rise above this nonsense and avoid the nasty commercialism that has become synonymous with this holiday, especially here in England where come end of October people seem to slip into " buy lots of shit that I'll probably never use" mode and I swore to myself I was not going to be another casualty of this incurable 20th century syndrome but its pulling force was too much for my tiny self damn it and as soon as I was surrounded by the carefully assembled display of all things Christmassy including the most amazing baubles I've ever seen in my life - I swear touched each single one and as I was doing it I kept making this strange noise something like a cooing noise of some sorts -I lost all sense of self respect really and with glazed eyes of wonder I waltzed through this wonderland of sorts trying to be as inconspicuous as possible whilst taking pictures of nearly everything in my path - to satisfy my Christmas cravings that would inevitably come afterward you see, cause once you've been beaten by the know the drill - anywhoo that was not the only section that got me all weak at the knees. There was the luxury bag section which nearly reduced me to tears, the fine jewelery section that made my little eyes sparkle, the luxury soap section which tickled my olfactory senses, the incredible stationery section which fully tapped into my unexplained obsession with anything that reminds me of the beginning of school yeah pretty good times at Liberty I tell ya. Not to mention the amazing interior design section which again tapped into my own vision for a personal space complete with all the quirky but stylish accessories. I'd love to live there really I might look into ways of how I can achieve that. For now all I have are these wonderful pictures from an amazing afternoon break at Liberty.

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