Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Event

I'm really hoping the rumours are not true and this excellent series hasn't been canceled as it is thrilling my otherwise boring existence with its intense , edge of your seat plot and clever twists. Probably the most instantly engaging series to hit the screens since Lost - for me anyways - encapsulating a love story, political  conspiracy thrills, a good dose of science fiction, all wrapped up nicely in mystery to form this credible and very exciting TV format. Guarantee you'll be hooked after watching just one episode.

Some good newcomers too James Ritter, - son of John Ritter - Sarah Roemer, Taylor Cole as well as more established familiar faces Blair Underwood who is absolutely exquisite  in his role  of dignified and  morally strong president of the United States and Laura Innes as the leader of the non human species at the center of the plot who herself handles things in a very
The fact that there are so many questions we start asking straight away is only testament to the excellent writing and clever construction of this series but unlike Lost things get explained fairly quickly and you don't have to wait a long time to get some answers...even once some  of them are provided you find yourself asking new questions...but all in all I am 100% hooked on this and having devoured the first five episodes online 4OD, I now have to wait 7 whole days for a weekly fix each time! No fair!

Catch The Event every Friday on Channel 4. You've been told!

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