Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Movie RoundUp

I finally managed to catch up on some movie watching action and filled up these two Hollywood offerings.

State of Play proved quite a nice surprise considering I tend to instinctively avoid anything with Russell Crowe in it due to the fact that in spite of knowing he is an excellent actor I just can't...well....stand this guy's guts basically. With the exception of Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind I've pretty much turned a blind eye to any other production he's been involved with. Silly I know but if you hate the guy whaddaya gona do huh?!

Anyway State of Play proved to be a very thrilling ride with a good pace and a story that unravels bit by bit to keep that interest going till the end and nice twists and turns along the way to maintain the excitement. Political thriller delivered in a gutsy manner and a great insight into political investigative reporting. I'm telling you now I don't think I could do this myself, I know it's not real, it's a movie but couldn't do it.

Depending on how weak your nerves are it could be a nail biting affair but nevertheless it's a solid story with strong performances all around from a diverse cast. Based on the BBC series - ooooh I say - this big screen adaptation deserves a viewing or three  and like me, you might even find yourself rooting for the good guy - Crowe - to get all the baddies...

On the other side of the spectrum Julie & Julia is a sweet story about the real life chef Julia Child who  back in the 60s made history for introducing American audiences to French cooking and Julie Powell who decades later, herself makes history when her blog Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen - based on Julia Child's bestselling book How to Master the Art of French Cooking. - picks up a huge fan base resulting in a book deal for her and later on this said film adaptation. 

It's a well constructed light hearted film with both stories being told in parallel but  each one with  its own individual charm  and an overall girly quality to it that I suppose will inevitably appeal to female audiences more so. The power of this movie is such that after viewing it I actually felt compelled to cook something really French - only managed some pasta with chicken and courgette but it was the best Goddamn pasta I cooked in my life, real passion went into making that and it did have a certain  French quality to it if I may say so myself - anywhoo back to the film itself although not a cinematic revelation  by any means, it did provide the entertainment for a lazy afternoon and seeing Meryl Streep get into this larger than life character is a joy to watch; the real Julia Child's spirit as portrayed by Streep  is actually something of a wonder and well worthy of admiration; initially refused entry into the professional chef school and being told she'd never learn to cook the proper French way she went on to achieve...well what we now know she was able to achieve. Streep as always delivers a great performance and never falters in her "impersonation" putting on a highly comical voice and mannerisms which can only come with a highly detailed character study. Amy Adams, we all know is a good actress and she plays her character well and it really is interesting seeing their long suffering respective partners go on a journey with these two quite incredible women.

I would definitely recommend this movie as a pleasant viewing experience and a lovely  testament to the wonderful art of cooking.

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