Thursday, 16 December 2010

Food Photography


 My favourite photo because it looks painfully French and I'm such a sucker for it!

 How lovely is that nice touch of the newspaper behind the chips in the little jar, rather cute don't you think?

 This looks heavenly. I've never tasted dark pasta like that.
 And how inviting is this toast and honeycomb! Heaven

How beautiful and yummy is this food photography? I stared at these images for hours on end quite speechless because of the sumptuousness of the food which made me fancy all sorts different things and also the beauty of the shots themselves and the obvious consideration for every little tiny detail that makes Jeff Kauck food photography so romantic. Maybe it's the time of the year, maybe it's the Christmas music but I found these images quite uplifting just thinking about food and the comfort that it brings. I simply want to eat non stop!

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