Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Tempest

I like the occasional fantasy film and I find usually at this time of year I'm more open minded towards these sort of productions. Something that strikes me about this one though is the cast involved, Helen Mirren, Alfred Molina, Chris Cooper, Russell Brand...are just some of the people I enjoy seeing on the big screen and from the director - Julie Taymor - who brought me the beautiful Frida with screen siren Selma Hayek - I wish I looked like her damn it!!! -  a film which I distinctly remember of being the only one for my  group of friends at the time who "got" it.

I'm quite intrigued by her latest creative vision which is based on a Shakesperean play; she's already changed the dynamics by changing the main character from a man Prospero to a woman Prospera - interpreted by Helen Mirren - but also because Taymor seems to have a unique visual style and going with my previous thumbs up for Frida I'm tempted to think this one won't disappoint either.

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